This is amazing I cannot believe how good it was for me, im feeling no pain any more and just cant wait for the sessions. If I didnt go to these sessions I imagine I would still be having trouble with back issues, but not any more thanks to Sommer and Holistic Body Therapy!
Ben Turner, Silverline Creative
“Bowen treatments provided much needed emotional grounding for me and an ease of body that made it comfortable to be in my own skin.”
Sarah A
Thank you for the Bowen that you did on the chair in the office. It really helped to ease the pain in my neck. I couldn’t turn it at all when I came to you that morning, however it was sustantially different after it and I was able to move it a lot more. My neck has been great thanks since our session.
Sue, M
The treatment was very pleasant and relaxing. I found myself sitting with a straight back after it and with less tension in my back in general.
Nathalie L