Are you jumping off the massage table thinking everything’s good?  All done and lets go! Let’s get on with what I was doing before? Or perhaps you are wondering what did I just pay for and I don’t feel anything?!

The magic of Bowen is not just what happens on the table, it’s what happens in your body in the days after the treatment. It works differently to other treatments and really does allow your body do the healing. The body does heal well, when given the chance to heal…. It is know that bowen is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you instantly heal better.

Everyone is different, it is key to be aware that after your Bowen treatment, your muscles and fascia are going to continue to react. Some people may feel a lot of reaction during the treatment, so are quite conscious of things changed in their body as they leave.  However, I find that many who don’t feel much during the treatment, sometimes feel their bodies reacting much more later that day or evening or even the next day or even a few more days after. It is just how your body works and how much we listen to it and let it do its own thing.

One you have had a bowen session, try not to just slouch on the sofa and don’t move around or going back to sit at your desk for hours. If possible, try not to sit for more than about 30 minutes, especially on the day of treatment (use that timer on the phone to help remind you to move!  Get out of that chair, even if only for a few seconds.  Stand up for a moment, walk around just a little, have a stretch.  Don’t let your body seize up. Obviously there are exceptions to the rules…

Sleep – Some clients feel tired after their session, and often sleep like a log that evening. Sleep and tiredness is the body’s way of saying stop! When you’re sleeping, the body doesn’t have to take orders from your mind to keep you moving and doing things, so has time to do it’s own repairs.  So, being extra tired after your treatment, or sleeping much more soundly, is your body’s way of switching you off so it can get on with doing it’s repair work – and your treatment has re-energised your body into wanting to do more of those repairs. I have many clients that tell me they know that the morning after treatment is when they’re going to feel the real difference.

Taking a walk – keeping the body moving in the days following Bowen helps… take a walk, a little brisk, moving and breathing… but, skip the contact sports, bootcamp or too vigorous activity for a little while…

Keeping hydrated by drinking water – Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and you’re not dehydrated.  In fact, many feel their body craving more water in the days after Bowen treatment. Your body’s nervous system needs the water, the lymphatic system, and your muscles and fascia need more water to help… and to help your body heal, the body needs water more than ever and it can help detox your system as Bowen can be very detoxing and help rid the body of what it doesn’t need any more.

Connection and body messages – I try to describe to clients that their body has just been given messages to go and act on, and the body will be busy responding for a few days.  However, if the body is given new messages, then it will forget the original message and follow the new orders. What what kind of “new messages” will the body respond to ?  If you use extremes of hot or cold, then muscles and fascia are being given messages to relax (hot) or contract (cold), instead of continuing the Bowen message.  These include ice packs, or too-hot baths, hot water bottles on an area, or too-hot electric blankets. So its best to refrain from using hot and cold items/baths, massage as it blocks the bowen message to be received by your body properly. By massaging a body part that is aching is giving the body a new message to respond to, rather than finishing working through the messages the Bowen session gave.

Sometimes, some people feel a little stiff or achy after a Bowen treatment – some feel it in the evening after treatment, some the next day, and (only very occasionally) some for a few days.  I see this more often after a client’s first visit, especially if they have many postural issues – and it’s sometimes surprisingly very little treatment that can trigger aches. The aches aren’t something to be too concerned about – the body is clearly adjusting and changing.  It’s important not to massage any aching areas, perhaps take a light painkiller or natural remedy.  And, definitely drink more water !  It’s likely the muscles and fascia trying to unwind and if you stay hydrated, it will help the process.

Lastly, bowen is not designed to make you feel instantly better (although it can happen quite often in a treatment), bowen is designed to make you instantly heal better. Most of the healing happens AFTER you’ve left your treatment. That is the beauty of bowen and the magic that happens after you leave the treatment. Prevention is definitely better in the long run so give yourself a little self care and treat yourself to a bowen.