Bowen Therapy can support…

Bowen Therapy is another tool that may help many people manage their anxiety.

This is a nice short video on Anxiety and how bowen therapy can help. Click here to view it

The Bowen moves work with the body’s nerve receptors to calm the nervous system.  Through a treatment, the body begins to move from hypervigilant fight/flight/freeze mode, to the more calm parasympathetic mode.  In fact, many calm down on the table so much that they fall asleep !

Specific moves can also help manage client’s specific symptoms.  Those with panic attacks respond well to work that targets breathing.  Working with the fascia helps posture – starting to feel upright, rather than hunched over, can also help people feel better.

There’s also a few great things about Bowen Therapy that may appeal to people with anxiety disorders.  Bowen can be done though light loose clothing – no need to undress.   Bowen doesn’t constantly have hands on the body – a few small moves, then the therapist takes their hands off, leaving the body to do the work.  The work is very gentle, no force or manipulation that make many feel uncomfortable.  For some, these small differences can reduce the anxiety of seeking manual therapy as part of their treatment.

No one treatment is the answer to helping resolve anxiety.  A multi-prong approach to support the mind and body can truly help… and Bowen Therapy is a wonderful inclusion in the process of moving forward.