‘AromaTouch is not a massage but a technique that stimulates body meridians, energy zones and elicits a profound effect on the body systems and viscera through the rhythmic application of touch and specific aroma to stimulate a state of balance commonly known as homeostasis.’

The AromaTouch Technique has three significant attributes:

  • To enhance the application and therapeutic result of 8 specific essential oils. The AromaTouch Technique offers the right balance between essential oil benefit and biophysical tolerance.
  • To address specific conditions of health that are known to be constants in their overall impact on health related issues. These known conditions are identified as ‘systemic constants’. Addressing these four major health constants through the therapeutic activity of essential oils is helpful in modifying many specific symptoms and core wellness issues.
  • To re-establish a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined by many to be a state of wellbeing. Homeostasis is much more than a perception of wellness. It is how the body functions collectively. The AromaTouch Technique helps to balance activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Homeostasis then is described as our capacity to appropriately react to emotional and physical stressors.

This is great and such a simple yet powerful technique and the aromas of the oils all combined are amazing. I would have one of these each week if I could!

There are eight essential oils broken up into four categories:

1. Emotional calming and grounding
doTERRA Balance: a combination of tree oils and roots. The soft energy is excellent for re-connecting and grounding when your mind has been racing. Encourages one to stay in the moment to manifest their vision. Also good to put on the soles of your feet in the morning to help ground and set yourself up for the day!
Lavender: supports individuals in releasing tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing oneself. This also goes on the ear lobes too during the Aromatouch session for increased sense of calming and wellbeing.

2. Cleansing
Melaleuca: or Tea Tree the oil of energetic boundaries; helps clear one’s energetic boundaries.
doTerra OnGuard: the oil of protection strengthens one’s immune system physically and also against negative energies. It helps to strengthen one’s inner resolve.

3. Physically relaxing
AromaTouch: the oil of whole self relaxation and healing.
Deep Blue: the oil of surrendering pain. Generally used for physical pain but can help individuals who are resisting emotions that underlie their physical pain.

4. Invigorate
Wild Orange: the oil of abundance which restores one’s physical energy.
Peppermint: the oil of a buoyant heart. Invigorating to body, mind, and spirit. Seals in the previous oils to assist in their healing. The Wild Orange and Peppermint are one of my favourite combinations that is indeed stimulating and refreshing, and I often combine the both of them before I do my yoga classes.

Life can be difficult, especially during these uncertain times and changes are always appearing, so a bit of self love and compassion with the essential oils can really help! It is a wonderful way to honour oneself without too much effort physically but maximum effort on the inside.