Bioptron: How does it work?

This is the most frequently asked question when we are demonstrating the Bioptron Lights. We like to explain it in simple terms, because this is how we like things explained to us.

European scientists first invented Bioptron Lights in the 1980’s for hospitals to improve treatments for chronic wounds like leg ulcers, bedsores, gangrene and burns.

They work by using the visible light spectrum plus some near infrared light and projecting these light frequencies into the body by polarisation. These frequencies are exactly the electrical frequency, the body enjoys and needs to operate effectively. We have approximately 70 trillion cells all with light receptors. These cells need light, oxygen and water to function. Diseased and damaged cells have low energy, part of what the Bioptron Light does is recharge these cells, it’s like putting jumper leads onto a flat battery. Everyone feels better on a sunny day, it’s because our bodies are solar powered and receive energy from sunlight.

As well as lifting the energy level of cells so that they function properly, the Bioptron Light increases blood circulation, helps oxygen absorption, awakens nerve pathways, assists our immune system and helps to reduce pain. The difference between what this amazing device does and other treatments, is that while alleviating many issues, it also significantly accelerates the body’s natural healing and repair.

Millions of Bioptron devices are used throughout the world in hospitals, clinics and homes. It is a registered medical device and has been through rigorous medical testing.

Bioptron Colour Therapy  

The Bioptron AG Company based in Switzerland has spent many years researching the benefits of colour in the visible light spectrum, specifically how the human body responds to different frequencies of light.

Bioptron’s Full Spectrum Lens uses the frequency of visible light with some near infrared light, whereas the colour lenses are individual frequencies and may often get a more specific and faster result.

In their many years of research Bioptron has developed 14 Colour Wellness Programs to assist with many health conditions. These are done in an easy to follow sequence incorporating the application of the supplied plant and mineral extracts. Powerful Acupressure points are used in these programs to enhance the desired light stimulation.

These Wellness Programs are easy to use, usually done once a day, 4-5 times a week for 10-15 minutes, over a 2-3 week period.

It’s important to do only one program at a time.

The stimulation of each colour can be different for each individual and their particular condition. We can provide advice for your specific needs in a Free Health Consultation.

Here’s an outline of what each colour generally assists with:

Red: The Stimulator

Enhances blood circulation, repair and healing of hard to heal wounds or long-term joint issues.

Orange: The Repairer

Restores and relaxes muscles, strengthens tendons and bones, great for joints. Helps the Lungs ability to function properly, clears sinuses, and can reduce varicose veins. Helps boost the immune system and can significantly ease depression.

Yellow: The Cleaner

Great for kidneys, liver, spleen and stomach. Reduces acidity and brings mental clarity.

Green: The Balancer

Great for infections, lowers blood pressure and can even help mend a broken heart, eases grief, reduces tension and anxiety.

Blue: The Calmer

Heals burns, irritated skin and eyes. Excellent for teething and a sore throat.

Indigo: The Pain Reliever

Brings down inflammation and can restructure skin growths or lumps.

Purple/Violet: The Soother

Can reduce bruising, headaches or migraines. Reduces Rosacea and assists with broken capillaries.

The 14 Bioptron Colour Programs

1. Lack of Drive

Restores energy to vital function areas, reduces stress and revitalises the cellular energy system.

Use for Lack of Motivation, Low Self Esteem & Low Energy Levels.

2. Bad Concentration – Poor Memory

Slows down the brain’s intake systems so that there is less information overload & better retention.

Use for dyslexia, Students studying for exams and Short-term memory loss in older people.

3. Supporting your Power of Resistance

Rebuilds a low Immune System to prevent minor health ailments and to assist the healing process.

Use for prevention of colds, flu, hay fever and faster recovery from cuts and minor wounds.

4. Inner Balance

Restores confidence and self worth, especially after grief.

Use for stroke victims, abnormal blood pressure, bereavement and family problems.

5. The Vital Spark

Recharges our personal battery, revitalises sexual capabilities & thought processes.

Use for low energy, worry, inability to complete tasks, low libido or self-image.

6. Relaxing to Relieve Fear

Removes deep-seated fears, restores inner stability and self-esteem.

Use for phobias, terror and violation of personal security situations. 

7. De-blocking to Remove Stress

Reduces stress levels, worry, deep-seated emotional upsets and mental instability.

Use for physically or sexually abused memories, work and income related problems.   

8. A Good Nights Sleep

Reduces Stress, muscular and nervous tension, designed to relax the body and mind.

Use for Insomnia instead of sleeping pills.

9. Discharging & Purging

Removes the build-up of toxins in the system and allows accelerated self-healing.

Removes deep emotional barriers.

10. Digestion

Calms irritations in the stomach, colon and bowel.

Excellent for reflux, hiatus hernia and heartburn.

11. Skin Problems

Accelerates healing of acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, shingles, hives etc through stress reduction & improved lymphatic drainage.

Use for Acne, Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema, Lupus

12. Heavy Legs

Lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation to the legs.

Use for varicose veins, poor circulation in legs and leg ulcers.

13: Restoring Inner Harmony

You will feel good, relaxed and energetic.

Use when life has dealt you some difficult cards, too many things on your plate and not enough time.

14: Looking Good

You will look good, calm, refreshed and glowing.

Want to keep young, looking fresh and healthy.