​Please be advised that to ensure the safety of Holistic Body Therapy and clients, Holistic Body Therapy will not be accepting clients who have taken the experimental unlicensed MRNA Covid injection within 30 days of their appointment.

This decision is based on the fact that the manufacturers have not accepted any financial liability for any negative side effects of their MRNA Covid injections, in fact in New Zealand they have been granted indemnity by the government. Furthermore we have taken into account the lack of animal trials, lack of long-term trials and a lack of comprehensive trials which include a true representation of the population as well as lack of reporting the effects of the injection on human reproduction. Finally, we are considering worldwide vaccine adverse reaction reporting systems such as this one which according to this government report (page 6, third paragraph) only represent 1% of the actual numbers and yet already show alarming rates of adverse reactions. The purpose of this policy is to protect our practitioners from possible spike protein viral shedding according to this Pfizer document (bottom of page 67) and also to prevent possible contraindications of our treatments with the possible negative side effects of the experimental injection. Reported side effects that concern us include and are not limited to; flu symptoms, miscarriages, still births, infertility, seizures, blood clotting disorders, autoimmune disorders, neurological damage, encephalitis, brain damage, Bell’s Palsy and death. Holistic Body Therapy apologises for any inconvenience and will re-evaluate our policy when clinical trials of the experimental injection are completed in 2023 or when new information comes to light. 

Thank you for your understanding.