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April 2021

Posture awareness

Have you thought that you need to do something about your posture? Have you considered that Bowen Therapy may help with it? As you know, every time you do have a bowen session, it helps to reset the alignment of your spine and you may feel the effects straight away! Sometimes I have clients that [...]

February 2021


Reduced endocannabinoid signaling could be a driver behind some of the negative menopause symptoms, with many women reporting finding relief from the use of CBD and cannabis products. A review of the available studies from 2007 found that cannabinoids helped to bring relief to menopause-related sleep disorders such as insomnia. [1] DOES CBD OIL HELP BALANCE HORMONES? Estrogen [...]

Meditation & Mindfulness

Ram Duriseti suggests practising Meditation And Mindfulness Another article I came across and thought I would like to share with you as I have definitely found meditation and being mindful very helpful. I find the more meditation I do, the more mindful I become and see from the other's point of view. Not always easy in [...]


The verdict hasn’t come in on the effect of plant-based cannabinoids on pregnancy and the developing child, though at this stage, it is clear that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is directly involved in balancing the chemical messengers that are critical to fertility and breastfeeding. The research available on the potential benefits and risks of prenatal exposure are [...]

7 steps to better health & immunity

Some simple steps to consider when thinking about creating an amazing immunity. We all seem to have taken a bit more notice of our health with the onset of the Corona virus being more rampant in our society. Once can't help but notice there has been so much fear and panic whipped up by the [...]

January 2021

A bit more about bowen.

Are you jumping off the massage table thinking everything’s good?  All done and lets go! Let’s get on with what I was doing before? Or perhaps you are wondering what did I just pay for and I don’t feel anything?! The magic of Bowen is not just what happens on the table, it’s what happens [...]

New Year 2021 update

Wow, I cannot believe its been almost 6 months since I have written in my blog! I bit like how 2020 went and we were in lock down in March and the next minute it was October! What a year it has been, some good, some frustration and yet here we are in a new [...]

August 2020

The power of salt…

Take an Epsom Salt Bath for relaxing... When was the last time you had a bath?  What about an Epsom salt bath?  Epsom salt is not the salt we eat (sodium chloride), it is magnesium sulphate.  Don’t ingest it because it has a laxative effect! Magnesium sulphate or magnesium bath salts (magnesium chloride) are helpful for [...]