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January 2018

Update on PXP

Well, I have been experimenting with PXP and felt a bit low on energy yesterday so I decided to take an extra teaspoon of PXP in the afternoon and I really noticed the difference when I had enough energy to go to my yoga class. At the moment, I am only taking one teaspoon a [...]

Purple Rice – PXP

What is PXP? Alfa PXP Royale is whole and “all natural” product.  It is a “super functional food” consisting of peculiar strains of purple rice, which are organically and specially grown in the Siam Valley, located in the wonderful and of Thailand. Enzacta through a unique process of micronization based on nano-technology transforms each [...]

PXP and how it can help your Mitochondria and keep you from disease and degeneration

Mitochondria are cellular organelles that function as power plants within a cell. In the same way that a local power plant produces electricity for an entire city, mitochondria are responsible for the production of energy derived from the breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids. Mitochondria oxidize or “burn” carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids for [...]

December 2017

Discovery of a new product PXP

Wow, am I impressed with PXP Royale - a three purple rice strain product. That's all the ingredients in it and wow it has made an impact on energy levels as well! I have only been taking it for a couple of weeks but have already noticed a huge difference! I cannot wait until [...]

August 2017

Biofilms and the relation to health issues

I came across Biofilms recently and thought I would write about them in my blog post today. Biofilms are complex micro-organisms communities that can develop nearly everywhere there is a surface, nutrients and a liquid, including the natural and artificial environment as well as the human body. It has been shown that the micro-organisms within [...]

Open Heart Meditation / Reiki

Finally back from the Open Heart Meditation Retreat that was held in Launceston, Tasmania and WOW what a retreat it was! Certainly learnt a lot spiritually, energetically and physically too! What can I say, but just how happy / content / satisfying that I have found something that has so much meaning to me. [...]

June 2017

Quite interesting facts about the Gut and Brain

Interesting article I came across about the connection with the gut and stomach. Worth a read I think.. I learnt quite a bit about the connection again. A good reminder of the real basics and that the gut has a lot more influence over the mind/brain/emotions than we think! In the lowest, most primitive part [...]

The Power of Infra-Red Saunas

I recently came across a sauna that is close by to Stonefields. I am not sure if you are interested in the benefits of them, however I thought I would share them as I have been searching for one for a loooong time now and finally came across one that I feel comfortable in using [...]

How does Bowen work?

One of the most interesting areas of the body is the brain. The basic function of the brain is to receive information from our sensory organs and interpret this information, such as light, sound, pain, movement. This enables conscious communication within our body. Neuroplasticity which is the functioning of the brain to recognise itself by [...]