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March 2018

Oil Pulling

Is Oil Pulling Beneficial to health? by N J Howell What Is Oil Pulling? For those who may not be familiar with the term, oil pulling refers to taking a small amount of pure sesame oil or organic coconut oil in the mouth and then swishing it, and "pulling" the oil through the teeth. [...]

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil is an amazing oil and so excited that we can now buy it from the New Zealand doTERRA warehouse and not just from the US. If you are experiencing pain or any debilitating illness, then this is one oil that should be on hand! WHAT IS COPAIBA ESSENTIAL OIL? It may [...]

How does Purple Rice make you healthy?

Why Does PXP Contribute to Human Wellness? The concept to remember is that PXP, which is comprised of alpha glycans or alpha polysaccharide polypeptides, enters the mitochondria in a different way than ordinary foods. Instead of having to be active-transported through cell membranes (a process where energy is spent to bring an element through cellular membranes, PXP [...]

PXP – what is it exactly….?

Alfa PXP Royale — is a Peerless Alpha Antho Cyanin Superfood — from specially processed strains of purple rice from Thailand. These rice strains are chosen because of their high concentration of anthocyanins, which give it its purple colour and which offer numerous benefits, chief among which is the most powerful free radical protection of any food substance on [...]

Bowen and healing scoliosis pain

Bowen Technique Cuts Scoliosis Pain Tom Bowen, late of Geelong, Australia, developed a specific protocol to help Scoliosis.  He held a free clinic twice a month on Saturday mornings for children with disabilities. This is likely where he developed his Thoracic procedure, that runs energy from the neck down to blocks in the spine, then radiating [...]

Bowen is great for beating the blues and stress management

Stress Relief – its something we all seem to strive for in our too busy and overwhelming world. The first sets of Bowen moves in each Bowen session is always dedicated to calming the body, getting the mind in the room, on to the table and out of it’s maze of thought processes...  The [...]

What exactly is PXP….?

A summary of how PXP works.... There are lots of different ways this can be answered ...from very simple that it "feeds the mitochondria in the cells" to a more technical explanation by a biochemist (below).  Personally, I found this clip of film the best most straight forward explanation and so when people ask me [...]

Learning to Let Things Go Anger, hate, regret, envy, disappointment. All can become toxic emotions that eat us up. None of these emotions are really useful, or get us very far, yet we hold onto them, as if they are fuel. In my own case, I can, and do, take inspiration from others, but [...]

Latest Newsletter for HBTL

Click here to read the HBTL Feb 2018 Newsletter Please have a read of my latest newsletter that tells you about the new premises for HBTL and a couple of health tips. Going forward I hope to have a newsletter that comes out seasonal or maybe even bi-monthly to share my knowledge and health [...]

January 2018

Update on PXP

Well, I have been experimenting with PXP and felt a bit low on energy yesterday so I decided to take an extra teaspoon of PXP in the afternoon and I really noticed the difference when I had enough energy to go to my yoga class. At the moment, I am only taking one teaspoon a [...]