July 2018

Anxiety and bowen

Bowen Therapy can support… Bowen Therapy is another tool that may help many people manage their anxiety. This is a nice short video on Anxiety and how bowen therapy can help. Click here to view it The Bowen moves work with the body’s nerve receptors to calm the nervous system.  Through a treatment, the body [...]

Bowen and Bear Grylls

BOWEN TECHNIQUE Having a lifestyle like Bear Grylls, adventurer and TV presenter best known for Man vs Wild and Born Survivor, requires incredible fitness. During his outdoor adventures he might be jumping out of planes, diving into freezing cold water, gamely trekking across deserts and up mountains, or parachuting into extreme terrain such as trees, [...]

Tightness in the hips….. and jaws

TIGHT JAW? You’ve probably got Tight HIPS TOO.. when someone closes their mouth slowly and the jaw zigzags from side to side, sometimes with an audible clunk. Instead of treating the jaw as a separate entity from the rest of the body like regular medicine does, we like to see its effects on the [...]

June 2018

Bullet proof coffee – ahhh a way to drink that’s good for you!

"Bulletproof coffee is designed to be drunk on an empty stomach instead of breakfast and prior to working out as it helps to increase energy and endurance," nutritionist Fiona Tuck told HuffPost Australia. "This is due to the combination of caffeine and fats fuelling the body. It is very high in calories and fat which is why [...]

Post concussion and how Bowen can help

Bowenwork is an incredibly effective and quick treatment for Concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). With a few sessions the symptoms abate and the person can resume normal activities. If the concussion was caused by a sport, the athletes are almost always cleared to return to play. "Post-concussion syndrome (PCS), refers to the lingering symptoms following [...]

Pregnancy and how bowen can help you in all aspects

What Can the Bowen Technique help with? Pre-conception: Bowen can help by regulating the menstrual cycle and enhancing fertility in both men and women. It brings about a state of balance in the nervous system and may release areas that are blocked or unable to function optimally. 1st Trimester: It can help with fatigue, anxiety, nausea, morning [...]

Bowen – what exactly is it…?

Ever really wondered what Bowen is exactly? I have put a special on for those people who are on a limited budget or just want a quick tune up within 30 minutes. Basically all past clients have this in common and thought I would let you know what they are in a nutshell. They have [...]

March 2018

Oil Pulling

Is Oil Pulling Beneficial to health? by N J Howell What Is Oil Pulling? For those who may not be familiar with the term, oil pulling refers to taking a small amount of pure sesame oil or organic coconut oil in the mouth and then swishing it, and "pulling" the oil through the teeth. [...]

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Essential Oil is an amazing oil and so excited that we can now buy it from the New Zealand doTERRA warehouse and not just from the US. If you are experiencing pain or any debilitating illness, then this is one oil that should be on hand! WHAT IS COPAIBA ESSENTIAL OIL? It may [...]

How does Purple Rice make you healthy?

Why Does PXP Contribute to Human Wellness? The concept to remember is that PXP, which is comprised of alpha glycans or alpha polysaccharide polypeptides, enters the mitochondria in a different way than ordinary foods. Instead of having to be active-transported through cell membranes (a process where energy is spent to bring an element through cellular membranes, PXP [...]