May 2017

Essential Oil First Aid Kits – Ideas!

I thought I would give some advice on what are some useful oils to help you on a journey and a handy reminder how great they are to have on hand - even when not travelling! Clove - toothaches, sore throats, joints and muscles Ice Blue/ Deep Blue - sprains, tight muscles, joint issues Digest-zen - stomach [...]

Pregnancy and Essential Oils Knowhow

Essential Oil Guidelines for Pregnancy & Childbirth I found it very difficult to put a list together of oils to avoid during pregnancy. As I searched various sources, I found that each author held his own opinion, and depending on the frame of reference, the list changed. Carrying an unborn child is an incredible responsibility, [...]

April 2017

Iodine – the King of the Thyroid

I came across this article, well my mother alerted me to it and forgot at just how incredible Iodine actually is! She took 2 drops last night and couldn't believe the energy and clearheaded-ness (if that's such a word?!) that she felt this morning. One who has been lacking energy due to stress and looking [...]

March 2017

So what is dōTERRA all about….?

Another essential oil company and why is this one different to the others you ask and it’s easy for anyone to say their massage therapy technique is more beneficial than anything else out there. It’s another thing entirely to prove this. dōTERRA is on a mission to bring holistic health to the masses and I [...]

The Meaningful Stages Of The AromaTouch™ Treatment

Stage 1 – Stress Management In the first stage stress is the factor being addressed. It is something which has a greater effect on health than many people credit, often it is felt to just be a mental and emotional factor, though things on the mental and emotional levels have a tendency to feedback into [...]

February 2016

Bowen therapy assists with fine-tuning the body

It has been suggested that in relation to a Bowen therapy session, the body is similar to a stringed instrument. When a Bowen procedure is performed, it creates a resonance effect wherein specific harmonic frequencies are thought to affect particular parts of the body. By creating a vibrational pattern that correlates with a specific frequency [...]