Nice short video of what Bowen is in a nutshell! Only a couple of minutes long…

Click here to check it out 🙂


This is also a great video about the explanation about the first two moves of bowen on you – in case you were wondering.. They are very powerful and have so much impact and connection with the body. Julian Baker, a very experienced Bowen practitioner explains this well.

Click here to have a watch of this video.   🙂

Love this explanation about Bowen and how the President of BowTech explains what Bowen is in less then 5 minutes. The healing can happen over night in some cases…. The 24-48 hours after a bowen session is quite important. If the body makes the change, it is more likely that it will keep the change, that is why bowen can be so effective. Quite interesting and how the body really just heals itself. Have a listen here. 🙂

If you have any questions, let me know as more than happy to answer any queries where I can.