Ever really wondered what Bowen is exactly? I have put a special on for those people who are on a limited budget or just want a quick tune up within 30 minutes. Basically all past clients have this in common and thought I would let you know what they are in a nutshell. They have tried everything else and are still in pain or you are still suffering from your original problem; they have been told they don’t know what is wrong or they can’t do anything for it; they don’t want to take medications or undergo surgery without trying all options available; they want to return to your normal activities. Sound familiar at all….?

So why try out Bowen Therapy you may ask…? Well I say, you have nothing to lose; you will know in 3 sessions or less that you are getting improvement; the cost to try it is low and the cost to continue is acceptable; even in the current economic climate; the technique is non-invasive and done through light clothing.

Now you must be intrigued… try it out if you haven’t already and if you have any more questions about it, give me an email, text or good ole fashioned phone call. I would love to tell you more about it as to what it can help with your condition.