Have you ever suffered from burnout or complete exhaustion? Burnout is when we try and try, do and do, give and give until there is nothing left and we quite literally feel like we cannot do anything more. It may show up in our bodies as tiredness, ill health or depression.

To serve, give, parent, teach, and respect others requires energy. We inhabit a busy and confusing world now and we can become overwhelmed in the body, heart, and mind. Fatigue and burnout can creep in if we are not in tune with our life. Especially if we continue to expend more energy than we acquire, we will move into depletion.

Self-care is not so much about a quick fix when life brings us to our knees. Self-care is an appraisal and acceptance of where we find ourselves at the moment. To practice self-care, we continually need to adjust our wings and gently nudge ourselves in the right direction. When we tend to ourselves in this way, we gently put together all our fragmented bits and put ourselves back together again.

Our body is the house for all of our experiences, so to understand ourselves more thoroughly, we need to take time to explore our home. Meeting yourself where you are daily, feeling into your body, and seeing what you have arrived with is the first step in embodied awareness. When we know how we are we are able to make the changes necessary to bring us back into homeostasis. This can be very empowering when you realise you just need some self-care in order to get back on track again.

Here is a little self care practice that may be of help –

Self hug
Lay on your back with a pillow or bolster under your sacrum (lower pelvic area). Curl your knees into yourself and just feel how beautiful it is to be held.
When we learn to hold space for ourselves first, we are more able to do the same for others. Don’t ever feel guilty when you need to dedicate some self care time to yourself, as this is a way to maintain your energy and spirit and to be helpful, and to serve others.