May 2017

Essential Oil First Aid Kits – Ideas!

I thought I would give some advice on what are some useful oils to help you on a journey and a handy reminder how great they are to have on hand - even when not travelling! Clove - toothaches, sore throats, joints and muscles Ice Blue/ Deep Blue - sprains, tight muscles, joint issues Digest-zen - stomach [...]

Pregnancy and Essential Oils Knowhow

Essential Oil Guidelines for Pregnancy & Childbirth I found it very difficult to put a list together of oils to avoid during pregnancy. As I searched various sources, I found that each author held his own opinion, and depending on the frame of reference, the list changed. Carrying an unborn child is an incredible responsibility, [...]

March 2017

The Meaningful Stages Of The AromaTouch™ Treatment

Stage 1 – Stress Management In the first stage stress is the factor being addressed. It is something which has a greater effect on health than many people credit, often it is felt to just be a mental and emotional factor, though things on the mental and emotional levels have a tendency to feedback into [...]