What is PXP?

Alfa PXP Royale is whole and “all natural” product.  It is a “super functional food” consisting of peculiar strains of purple rice, which are organically and specially grown in the Siam Valley, located in the wonderful and of Thailand.

Enzacta through a unique process of micronization based on nano-technology transforms each of the molecules of purple rice strains, generating high bio-available nutrients that can be absorbed by our bodies easily.

The purple rice is micronised to alfa particle size using the latest technology.  This means that 99% of the rice is able to go into the cells to feed the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the POWER PLANTS of your cells; they convert the nutrition you take (food, water and oxygen) into energy.

The PXP product consists of ONLY purple rice, which is in powder form, so when you mix a teaspoon in water and drink it, it will then by pass digestion if taken away from food and go straight into our blood stream.

When you first start taking PXP, around days 3-5, a few people may experience detox symptoms. This can range from tiredness, lack of energy, feeling low, more frequent bowel movements, vivid dreams to name a few! These are good results to have as detoxing is showing you that the Purple Rice is starting to work in your body! It is not the Purple Rice causing you to feel like this, it is the toxins in your cells that the Purple Rice is removing from you!  Toxins need to leave your body, so this is why some of us might not feel too good for a few days!

If Purple Rice can start to push these toxins out of your body starting within a few days of taking the product then imagine what healing it can do on a cellular level once these toxins are out! So much to look forward to if this happening or going to happen to you if you haven’t already experienced taking PXP. We have a life time of toxins built up in our cells, we need healthy cells otherwise this could lead to dis-ease or illness down the track!

Purple rice works by feeding your cells and the mitochondria of your cells which is our life force. Once these cells are being fed properly the body is capable of wonderful recoveries! So please stick with it if you want to see results. It won’t take that long to notice the difference. If it gets too much please get in touch with me and we can talk through it, or you can always reduce the amount for a couple of days then when you start to feel better go back up to the normal dosage! Detox is short lived and well worth getting through it to reap the rewards your body is needing!

Below are some great videos that help explain the benefits of PXP and the impact it can have on our health system. I am not normally into supplementation, however doing my research and trialling PXP myself and others that I know who have taken the product (which consists of only three purple rice strains) it has made me believe that there is something truly effective with PXP.

Max Cotter (a kiwi sheep farmer) talking about his experience with PXP and why he brought it to New Zealand. He had a very debilitating disease about 12 years ago that he was told he would be only have 3 weeks to live…..Hasn’t seen the doctor for 12 years and has amazing good health all from taking the PXP two teaspoons a day. How simple and easy is that!

PXP is processed as pure energy to the mitochondria, therefore the mitochondria can create the ATP needed to detox. In my opinion, my suggestion would support any detox with drinking plenty of water to help dilute the toxins and detox is passed more quickly. You will find the urge to eliminate more going to the toilet or may have some detox side effects which are quite common (headaches, nausea, tiredness may occur). This is your body’s natural process at getting rid of what it doesn’t need anymore. Each person is different depending on what you have been through (emotionally, physically, mentally and toxically), so each detox result will be differ. I had a lot more trips to the toilet over 3 days !

Here is another interesting video to listen to and goes over some key facts of PXP.

Tony Robbins says Dr. Jack Tips is a “nutritional genius” and “master of detoxification.” Dr. Jack Tips speaks about detoxing and how important detoxing is and we should be embracing detox and trusting the process. Let’s detox and get those toxins out! Taking PXP every day will keep those toxins away!

If you are getting curious PXP or you are already taking PXP and want to know how it is affecting you (or not?) then try upping the amount is the key! 1 teaspoon 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 teaspoon before lunch if you need a bit more “omph” in the afternoon and in your system. Particularly good if you are under extra stress or become busier than normal… Reach for PXP and not a coffee or chocolate bar !

Please get in touch if you’re detoxing and need some guidance!  You can contact me via the Contact form to send me an inquiry if you would like to know more information.