What is PXP Purple Rice?

Alfa PXP Royale is whole and “all natural” product.  It is a “super functional food” consisting of peculiar strains of purple rice, which are organically and specially grown in the Siam Valley, located in the wonderful and of Thailand.

Enzacta through a unique process of micronization based on nano-technology transforms each of the molecules of purple rice strains, generating high bio-available nutrients that can be absorbed by our bodies easily.

Our PXP purple rice is in powder form, so when you mix a teaspoon in water and drink it, it will then by pass digestion if taken away from food and go straight into our blood stream.

How much PXP should I take?

I recommend taking 1 – 3 teaspoons a day.  When we first start our body tends to need more PXP.  Get curious with the number of teaspoons and see what works for you, as we’re all unique.

How do we take PXP?

Ideally, PXP should be taken on an empty stomach.  Put a little warm water in a glass and sprinkle 1 teaspoon of PXP onto it.  Stir until completely dissolved and drink quickly.  If you find it difficult to take try adding some “unsweetened” fruit juice, stir vigorously and drink.  If you are taking more than 1 teaspoon a day then divide your intake throughout the day.

Can anyone take PXP?

Yes anyone can take PXP, as it’s just Purple Rice.  Babies, pregnant woman, and animals have benefited from taking PXP.

How soon will I notice changes?

Some people notice something straight away, some people a number of days, some a month!  None of us knows what is going on with our bodies and we all are unique.  I recommend trying PXP for a good 90 days to start to really notice the benefits of the product.

 Should I stop taking my medication?

It is not recommended that any person stops taking prescribed medication.  However as health improves a visit to your health practitioner, for further tests is ideal, as medications could be adjusted to suit, any change in health.  Those with kidney or liver failure should consult their specialist before taking PXP.  These organs are responsible for removing toxins from the body, and if severely compromised, may struggle with the additional toxic waste being removed from the cells as you take PXP.  A lower dose of PXP may be recommended by your specialist until tests are confirmed.

 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, yes, yes we ship worldwide.  We are based in New Zealand but Enzacta are located all over the world so you can order the PXP through me and I can arrange shipping for you and it will get shipped to you locally.

Please email me if you have any questions:  swagstaff@holisticbodytherapy.co.nz 

Is there an auto-ship option?

Executive Independent Business Owner (IBO): Sign up fee is currently $290 + courier fee – you also receive 1 x 30 servings bottle of PXP on sign up.  This signs you up to the wholesale prices and allows you to start earning money when you share with others and you’re entitled to full earning potential and all benefits- please check out the business opportunity page.

Then monthly it’s currently $176 including courier for 2 x 30 servings bottles of PXP.   You can also buy as much PXP at wholesale prices you wish.

Standard Independent Business Owner (IBO): Sign up fee is currently $115 + courier fee- with this you receive 1 x 30 servings bottle of PXP.  Then monthly you go onto auto-ship which is $170 including courier fee for 2 x 30 servings bottles of PXP.  You can also buy as much PXP at wholesale prices that you wish.  The earning potential isn’t as great as the executive IBO and you don’t receive the benefits you would as an executive IBO.

Personal customer:  You can sign up to be a personal customer if you just want to buy the product or try PXP for the first time at wholesale prices.  Being a personal customer comes with no referral system.

You’re able to sign up to the auto-ship prices of $170 including courier for 2 x 30 servings bottles, signing up to a minimum of 3 months. As a personal customer, you’re able to buy as much PXP as you wish at these prices.

Please contact me for further information or to go ahead with signing up as either the Executive IBO or Standard IBO or a personal customer.

Other countries- please contact me directly for your promotions and deals.

Contact me today to learn about the best option for you to sign up to wholesale prices.

Can I join the Enzacta business and be a distributor of PXP Purple Rice?

Yes, we would so love you to join our Enzacta family.  To become a PXP consultant it is the same price as going on auto-ship and it gives you the opportunity to spread the word of this amazing product and help others with their health.

Please email me to receive more information on the business side or if you wish to sign up as a consultant and help to share the love which is PXP Purple Rice and help change others lives.

If you would like to become a personal customer to get wholesale prices please email:  swagstaff@holisticbodytherapy.co.nz