I thought I would share some feedback that I have received over the past few months…..

I have never had Bowen therapy before and was unsure what to expect.
It was a very pleasant experience. Susan was amazing and made me feel very relaxed. The treatment was very gentle but very effective. I felt so relaxed and almost fell asleep! 😴Would highly recommend trying Holistic Body Therapy to anyone 😊  Rebecca,  January 2023

I’m so glad I tried this out over a year ago, always look forward to seeing Sommer, alongside Bowen Therapy helping me to relax and feel less stressed and tense. I can talk to her about anything, she’s so understanding. Bowen gives me that ability to let go of stress and feel at ease which makes a huge difference!  If you’ve not heard of this therapy I recommend giving it a try, Sommer explained why she got into this, she genuinely wants to help you get the most out of it.   Diane,  March 2023

I had never had Bowen therapy before. I suffer with lower back pain, restricted movement in my neck and quite poor sleeping patterns. After treatments I had much improved movement in my back and neck and a general feeling of well-being. Bowen therapy is extremely relaxing and feels like the body responds so well with it as I feel so light and energised for days and weeks after. I can highly recommend this therapy for the relaxation part of it, as when you’re relaxed and rested, your body is more likely to heal faster and better.    Donna,  December 2022

At the start of this year, following an extremely challenging period at work, the feeling of stress and worry escalated to severe anxiety including panic attacks, knots at the top of my stomach with a loss of appetite and tension all over my body. I was also experiencing chronic diarrhoea and on a couple of occasions I was caught short without a toilet facility and it was starting to restrict how often I left the house and lowering my confidence.

After just one treatment my diarrhoea stopped completely and for the first time in months I had normal bowel movements. I also felt calmer as both Sommer’s presence and the treatment itself is very relaxing and nurturing.

I am so pleased I found an alternative approach rather than traditional medication that had been so readily prescribed. My anxiety is improving and my overall health is moving in the right direction – all thanks to Bowen Therapy. Thank you Sommer.  Greg, February 2023.