Interesting short vid (approx 4 mins long) – Amazing holistic practitioner who has been given a court order for helping terminally ill cancer patients in recovering and using natural B17 found in apple and apricot seeds. Mainly because big pharma can’t make any money from them….She may be put into prision in the UK for 10 years…!! Atrocious acts that she has committed to terminally ill patients that actually happened to survive for a longer period of time than they were diagnosed….?!

One client reported this –

Laetrile- Apricot seeds. I USED THEM during my cancer healing protocol- after I was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. Initially stage 3b- but turned quickly to stage lV after metastasized. I walked out of my doctors doors and did my research. I used natural therapies and was rid of my cancer (malignant melanoma) in less than 3 months. That was over 13 years ago. I have yet to go back to a doctor. Give your body what is needs to be healthy- take away toxicity.