I came across this article, well my mother alerted me to it and forgot at just how incredible Iodine actually is! She took 2 drops last night and couldn’t believe the energy and clearheaded-ness (if that’s such a word?!) that she felt this morning. One who has been lacking energy due to stress and looking after family all the time, she could only put it down to taking the 2 drops in her water last night. What an improvement!

It certainly got me thinking about it as I had forgotten just how amazing Iodine actually is and how powerful it can be. With all that extra EMF out there unseen radiation that we are exposed to every second of our lives, we need all the help we can get.

I hope you click on to this article  (I have it pasted below for your convenience) and look into Lugol’s Iodine further. I have my bottle I bought a few months ago as I was so impressed with it, however, forgot about it and so I have revitalized it again and looking forward to seeing the changes. Not sure if they will be like my mother’s but hey definitely interested in seeing the differences!