Stage 1 – Stress Management

In the first stage stress is the factor being addressed. It is something which has a greater effect on health than many people credit, often it is felt to just be a mental and emotional factor, though things on the mental and emotional levels have a tendency to feedback into the physical body when left unresolved. The result can be a very negative impact on well-being. As such clearing stress effectively is critical to achieving good health.

This in mind Lavender and Balance, a proprietary blend containing Spruce, Ho wood, my personal favourite Frankincense and Blue Tansy, are applied to the back and shoulders. As the aroma of the oils are breathed in, and the effects absorbed through the skin too, the mind can shift into a state whereby the release of stress is easier and flows in a natural way. This stress release mechanism being relatively easier for the person receiving the treatment as zero mental activity is required. The mind naturally flows in such a way to become calm and release stress and thoughts which have been accumulating.

Stage 2 – Immune Support

One of side effects of stress is the reduction of immune efficiency. When under stress you produce a hormone known as Cortisol, whilst the intent of the hormone is to help you by releasing additional energy its cumulative effect over time through prolonged production is incredibly negative. One of the major effects of Cortisol being the diminished effectiveness of the immune system, hence people catching colds and various other illnesses more easily when stressed. Thus having addressed the issue of stress in stage one it then comes to boosting the immune system in stage 2 and aiding it to work effectively again.

Accordingly Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil) and OnGuard™, another proprietary blend which includes; Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus and Rosemary are applied. Melaleuca essential oil  has very strong health benefits and has been demonstrated to be effective within hospitals as promoting healing and wellbeing. The blend within OnGuard™ also has strong benefits, especially when synergising together.

The combined antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties along with various other attributes of each oil come together and work through your body and your blood stream to aid in clearing any negative factors, thus reducing the load on your immune system and increasing its effectiveness as a result.

Also which is interesting, Wild Orange which is also known to be a stimulant to the lymphatic system, as such helping it to getting moving more effectively. Whilst Cinnamon and Rosemary are known to have effect against insulin, body fat and obesity, all of which can place additional load on the immune response. Clove is noted as having the highest antioxidant count known, and thus being a strong aid to healing and well-being.

Stage 3 – Healthy Inflammatory Response And Autonomic Nervous System Support

When the immune response is reduced due to stress and toxicity factors then inflammation of compromised areas can become and issue. The inflammatory response being a nature bodily reaction to foreign contaminants and various other issues. It is also exacerbated by stress, due to Cortisol. So having begun work on clearing stress, and then improving immune action, it comes to a point where inflammation around and within the body can be healed with greater ease.

One of the major points of action within this stage is that on the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system which governs and regulates your internal organs. Among the things your autonomic nervous system regulates are your heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate,  and frequency to urinate. You may find when you are nervous or have anxiety, you will need to pee a lot more often than usual. When you are run down, due to inflammation and other things, your autonomic nervous system has to works even harder than usual. So in clearing away toxicity and root causes generating the inflamed response you do yourself a big favour. On top of the soothing anti-inflammatory nature many of the oils have in this stage, certain ones also act as nervines which are beneficial to your ANS.

Within this stage two proprietary blends are applied, AromaTouch™ (containing Basil, Grapefruit, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint and Lavender oils) and Deep Blue (which has Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus oils within it). Some of these oils you will note are present within earlier stages of the treatment, note that all oils have a multitude of properties and can assist in a plethora of ways, Lavender is a very notable example of this. Again the synergies of them in action together creates a stronger effect than each one could have in use alone.

Helichrysum is noted to be about the gentlest of essential oils, suitable for all including use with babies when used correctly. It has been noted to be effective in a wide variety treating allergies, plus conditions including eczema, psoriasis and asthma. Its soft action to soothe areas makes it a wonderful selection for easing inflammation. Something else which is worth noting here is the effect this oil has on the central nervous system. It has a very good nervine property to it, and in line with the gentle nature it has in terms of healing, it also has a very soothing effect on the nerves and emotions. This helps in building on the oils applied in stage 1 with the stress release, and aiding the person receiving the treatment to move to a yet higher point of positive mental well-being.

Lavender is known as a good general purpose healer, working particularly well with burns where inflammation often occurs as a healing response, its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties being of a great advantage.

Cypress is good as a cleanser and an aid to clearing the lymphatic system, something which is an aid to healing here as when the lymph nodes are clear they can become more efficient, its analgesic action and its ability to improve circulation also aiding the improvement of well-being and good feeling within the body. Grapefruit helps to detoxify and clear away toxic elements causing issues, among various other effects. With Peppermint and German Chamomile being good analgesics which aid in calming inflamed tissue, reducing discomfort and stress as a result, and thus aiding greater healing too.

As you have noticed, there is a very cumulative effect working within the AromaTouch™ treatment. A progression which continues to build and increase in effectiveness with each stage, each one building on the previous one, and being ever more effective for the action of the earlier stages. It is a good example of holistic therapy in that it works across a number of factors to help one achieve good health.

Stage 4 – Homeostasis

AromaTouch™ Technique Stage 4 Homeostasis Essential Oils
The final stage of the treatment and the point at which the intent of the technique both draws its name and strongest effect. This is when the cumulative action of every prior stage comes together and is built upon in order to generate the inner stability and balance which yields the best healing result possible. Having released, boosted and calmed the body it can come to a point of greater clarity and calm, a point at which the effectiveness of all bodily systems, as well as mental and emotional responses, comes to greatest efficiency. It is your body and mind coming into a state where peak condition can occur with ease due to negative factors being cleansed.

The essential oils used here are Wild Orange and Peppermint. Again you have likely noted that both are present within some of the proprietary blends used in previous stages, here though they are used in their pure rather than blended form.

The use of each particular essential oil in each previous stage is relatively simple in comparison to the action occurring from the oils in use in this final stage. There are a variety of factors that come into action here, and a diversity of properties which combine to yield the intended state of the treatment.

As an example of this both oils together have analgesic, sedative and stimulant actions, the first two being in a way opposing to the later. The action which occurs here being a dichotomy, the actions are in opposition and yet both are valid and work together. They work to bring a balance within the body.

In addition to this Wild Orange has a beneficial detoxification action, further clearing the body such that stability and balance can be present. It also has an antidepressant action which promotes a healthier, more joyful and positive mind. Ever noted how you feel when someone peels and Orange, that instant good feeling which surges through you.

Peppermint has a good nervine effect, that is it helps to dispel mental tension and create a calm mind. Thus working upon the stress relieving action of stage 1 to create a healthier mind, and combining in unison with the mental and emotional effects of Wild Orange to promote greater mental wellbeing. The importance of this being partly down to the feedback which occurs between mind and body. When the mind, and heart, are out of balance, stress and ill at ease then the physical body goes out of balance too. As such bringing the mind into balance helps to bring the body into balance too.

Mental balance and stability helps to induce physical balance and stability. As such a point of homeostasis can be reached with greater ease.