I thought I would share some thoughts and how to take the Micronised Purple Rice in case you were wondering. Hope this helps and gives you a guideline.

Dosage and What I have found the most beneficial :

3 bottles can last 3 months if you are taking a teaspoon once a day. However –I recommend you start with the loading dose of 2 times a day for faster results. 

On the loading dose, you will consume 2 bottles in one month .


It takes approximately 90 days for cells throughout your body to regenerate.  It is therefore suggested to give yourself  3-6 months to experience the best results.

It does not make sense to start the process and quit without giving yourself a chance to experience improvements. So if you can last for 2-3 months, this would be the best. I have found, the longer I am on it, the better my health is! And the best thing is, it is a food and not a synthetic ingredient that can be doing your body more harm than good!

After you have noticed and have maintained improvements, you can reduce your dosage to 1-2 bottles month.

Please be patient. It takes time for our bodies to rebuild and repair..

You can request autoship on the order form later to get it set up. No obligation or contract. You may skip or cancel anytime.

One bottle a month is considered the maintenance dose for continued rejuvenation.

Many people vary the amount they take depending on how they feel, or if they experience new stress, or injury in their lives. Contact me if you would like to try this simple yet effective product! I have now been on this for two and a half years. I wouldn’t know what to do without it as it really does keep me going – I call it my private health insurance.