Have you thought that you need to do something about your posture? Have you considered that Bowen Therapy may help with it? As you know, every time you do have a bowen session, it helps to reset the alignment of your spine and you may feel the effects straight away! Sometimes I have clients that hop back in their car and they have to adjust their seat as they are sitting up taller and their posture is straighter.

These days, posture issues like forward head posture, text neck and hyperkyphosis are almost epidemic in modern times and we all know that we could always have better posture throughout the day, especially when we are doing our desk work.

It is also, potentially, one of the most overlooked health issues affecting millions of people. For every inch the head moves forward, it adds about 5kgs of weight to the head that the body has to carry. This puts chronic strain on the muscles and ligaments in the shoulders, neck, and upper spine, which in turn sets up a cascade of changes in the body.

The increased pressure on the bones of the spine and discs often causes the bones and discs to break down faster, leading to degenerative disc disease and bone spurs, and osteoarthritis. Forward head posture may even progress to the dreaded Dowager’s hump as we get older.

Bowen therapy can help along with regular stretching exercises. Doing yoga stretches may also help and keep your posture going straight rather than slumped. A handy tip I do, is setting a timer on my phone for every 30mins or 1 hour (depending on how the day is going) and standing up for about 10 seconds or walking across the office or home. That at least helps to unwind some of the poor posture that you may or may not have been sitting or standing in.