I was introduced to it just over a month ago, and it has been the best thing that has happened for me in a very very long time …. I had a full hysterectomy (ovaries as well) just over a year ago.  It has been a year of  sleep, night sweats, heart palpitations, depression, fatigue, cramps.  I have tried all the health supplements out there, as I was not allowed to have HRT.  They worked some of the time but not well.

It has helped me a lot and I am taking no other supplements now, so it’s costing me less !!! and I feel so much better in all aspects of my life both physically, mentally, and emotionally.


I was taking it for 3 weeks before I noticed any difference in my self. At the time I started taking it I had very low energy levels and was tired all the time. I have noticed that my energy had increased and my thought patterns were much more positive, I was less stressed and I could think and “see” more clearly. I have so much more energy and I can actually sleep through the night which I hadn’t done for years.


My son has ADHD and we were having trouble with focus and behaviour. His teacher was finding it hard keeping him on track also, so much so we started a journal that was sent between home and school so we both knew what was happening, as i couldn’t go into school every day. After taking the purple rice he was getting lots of positive comments like he was a “joy to teach today” “Focused all day” Not things I thought I ever would hear! He has been a lot calmer at home and a lovely little boy to be around.


“The first thing I noticed was that my acid reflux and indigestion went away,” Lisa recalls. “What a relief! And I had pretty good energy before, but now I can go through my entire day and hardly even sit down!”

“I also see better, my skin is not as dry, my sinuses and allergies are better, my dry eye syndrome has cleared up, and when everybody else was sick this winter with colds and flu, my husband and I were fine!


I have been taking it for nearly a month. I am feeling brighter since being on it. Getting out of bed at 5.30 each morning is easier and I feel that I cope better. My diabetes has also showed some improvement.


I have been on it for two weeks and already I have an abundance of energy, feel so happy on the inside, calm and I have no aches and pains. All my muscles have loosened back up again and I can physically do a lot more. I’m also not craving sweet foods, NOT EVEN CHOCOLATE! I’m also not having panic attacks and I haven’t had a silent migraine for two weeks. I really feel good!