Alfa PXP Royale — is a Peerless Alpha Antho Cyanin Superfood — from specially processed strains of purple rice from Thailand.

These rice strains are chosen because of their high concentration of anthocyanins, which give it its purple colour and which offer numerous benefits, chief among which is the most powerful free radical protection of any food substance on earth.

The Purple, short-grain heirloom rice used in Alpha PXP Royale is known as Forbidden Rice, since only ancient Chinese emperors were allowed to consume it. It is packed with powerful nutrients of many types. The purple color, which comes from the presence of powerful phytonutrients known as anthocyanins, is the key to its powerful and unique free radical quenching ability.

Purple rice has more proteins than white rice, and can have up to between 7 and 8.5 g of nutrients for each 100 g of rice, compared to only 5 grams in other rice strains.

Anthocyanins are potent free radical scavengers. But, PXP Royale, incorporates alphaglycanology technology, whereby the food particles are reduced to nanosized particles. These food particles are so small that they have free access to cross through cellular and mitochondrial membranes and deliver their fuel and antioxidant molecules, WITH NO LOSS OF ENERGY due to active-transport (such as is necessary with all other foods).

Nanosized anthocyanins (or alpha anthocyanins) are among the most powerful antioxidants on earth, especially in regard to scavenging or quenching the hydroxyl free radical which is the most destructive of all free radicals.

Proof that PXP is Among the Most Powerful Antioxidant Product Choices

In a recent, random sampling of 3,800 subjects (attending a wellness conference), only 7 participants scored in the highest range of antioxidant protection (according to the Revelar breath test that measures aldehydes in the breath. Aldehydes are a sign of free radical damage). 4 of these 7 were PXP Royale users, demonstrating the free radical quenching power of PXP Royale.

With PXP Royale, you get the cellular energy enhancing properties of PXP, and the free radical fighting powers of Purple PXP.