This is an ancient strain of purple rice grown in a valley in northern Thailand, hand-picked and free from GMOs.  It is milled to the exact nutrients needed to permeate the cells and regenerate them. These nutrients contain all the ancient and perfect polysaccharides (many sugars) and every known polypeptide (amino acid) as well as anthocyanins (super antioxidants which are 1,600 times more potent than blueberries).  It takes approximately 27 kilograms of purple rice produce only 1 pound of micronised purple rice! Oh and if you are concerned what about the rest of the rice and is it wasted, well it isn’t. The portion of rice that isn’t used, is made into porridge for the poor in Thailand.

The heart of the rice is processed through a one-of-a-kind milling machine that mills it down (micronisation) so that it becomes easily assimilated by the cells, no matter how damaged! 


The micronisation process of both strands of the rice is performed at less than 150 degrees.  Note: The 180 degrees is a standard of a safe measurement that we have reduced by another 20%.  Please also note that the process we use keeps the active ingredients of both strands of rice alive which is why the product works so well for so many people.  Most food we eat is “dead”. Common food products, after being produced, boxed, and shelved have had degradation of nutrients and do not have the same nutritional content as they did when produced.  The proprietary system keeps the active ingredients alive and working for years!

How Long Do I Need To Eat it Until I See Results?

Like most nutrients you take in, this goes where your body needs it most, first.  Ideally, I recommend that people give this at least 6 months to saturate and energise your cells, with a minimum trial of at least 3 months.  For myself, I plan to eat this the rest of my life as I find my health gets stronger and I feel so good on this food. I love it because of its simplicity of being an actual food and not a “supplement in a tablet”. They all have their time and place, however, I prefer to have food where possible.. This isn’t an overnight instant masking of symptoms, but a gradual rebuilding of health. While some people begin noticing changes very quickly, for many it can take some time to see significant results. 


Is This Organic?

Yes. This is a raw, whole food.  There are no chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs in the soil or on the rice or the finished product. In fact, they even hand-pick and carry the rice out because no trucks are allowed into the field.  It does not have an official organic label, simply because it is grown in Thailand instead of New Zealand.