Bowen Feedback

Hip and leg pain gone and more flexibility

I was referred to the lovely Sommer by a friend who received relief from long term pain.  I was still experiencing a dull ache in my right hip and leg at night after a fall while skiing some 18 months earlier.  After a few Bowen sessions I no longer have this pain, and I also noticed that at my next yoga class the stiffness in my shoulders, that I hadn’t realised I had, had also gone and my body felt much looser and free. The Bowen session is very restful and relaxing and I would hihgly recommend Sommer to anyone.

Karen (50), Remuera, Auckland

So grateful to bowen therapy

Sommer introduced me to bowen therapy about 2 years ago. I had never experienced Bowen before and was surprised about the subtle but powerful benefits of it. Thank you Sommer for introducing my body to Bowen therapy, I cannot speak highly enough of this therapy. I am a 64 year old bricklayer and stonemason and my body feels 100%, in great health; mentally and physically!! Bowen therapy just keeps on giving! Thank you once again Sommer for uniting my body with Bowen therapy.

Ian, (64), Taranaki

Pain in the neck

I had quite an acute pain in my neck and shoulder region. Sommer came along and did a couple of bowen moves not even lasting 2 minutes and with her technique the pain was relieved! I was so grateful to her and to Bowen. Bowen works for acute pain as well as long term. Try it now if you haven’t already!

Diane (60), Canterbury

Distant Bowen

I’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Distant Bowen treatment with Sommer. I was so surprised how much I did feel and how quickly my body responded to the treatment. Sommer inquired if I had any specific concerns or health problems she should focus on throughout the treatment. I had been having right sided discomfort and pain in my foot around big toe joint through to plantar, my hand around thumb joint and area between thumb and first finger and also hip. Sommer suggested I lay down somewhere comfortable and relax, we had both agreed on a particular time that suited me, to begin the session. This was perfect as I didn’t have to get in my car travel across town…I didn’t even have to leave the privacy of my own home! As soon as the session began I felt a radiating warmth throughout the lower right side of my body…it felt like it was expanding and actually being manipulated ie; I could feel the tibia and tibia in my right leg stretching and releasing!…the warmth spread to my upper body and any pain I had in these areas ie; my hand particularly around my thumb and risk seemed to be targeted gently and successfully. I felt even more relaxed while being re-energised at the completion of this amazing treatment. Now six hours post the combination of the Bowen and Reiki treatment these areas feel less strained and painful! Amazing! Such a beautiful modality within your own home! I’ve personally known Sommer for about 5 years. She has the most calming and gentle demeanour both personally and professionally. She is the only person I trust to work on me and have found her work ethic wonderful and love she seeks out to update and upgrade her practice with regular research and new resources. I am so grateful to have Sommer’s expertise and regular input into my health and well-being! Thank you Sommer you’re awesome!

Angeline (50), St Johns Emergency Medical Technician, Hawkes Bay

Freedom of Movement

Just by her presence Sommer spread health and joy. Her Bowen therapy is remarkable: I am amazed to see how something so simple and minimalist is so efficient. I had 2 sessions with her so far, the first one released an injury I had in a bike crash 25 years ago. After the therapy, I was able to recover freedom of movement into my neck. At a holistic level, my communication was highly improved. In the second session, I could feel how each touch was doing a clear difference into my digestive system, like specific keys opening specific doors. I highly recommend Sommer for her Bowen Therapy.

Sylvie (39), Auckland


“Bowen treatments provided much needed emotional grounding for me and an ease of body that made it comfortable to be in my own skin.”

Sarah (36), Christchurch

Hip Pain

First of all thank you very much for taking your time for providing Bowen Technique for me. As you know I had two sessions and both of them were very relaxing . I felt refreshed the following day. In my second session you were working on my right knee and hip and I have to say the knee is much better now.

Iris (40), Christchurch

Sacroiliac Joint Discomfort

I felt so grounded after the Bowen session and immediately my feet felt very heavy, a feeling that I haven’t felt for a long time and have been wanting to. I had been having quite a lot of discomfort in my sacroiliac joint around my hip, and after the Bowen the pain had vanished! Also, I was relieved from a headache that I had for over two days. It also had disappeared! I definitely recommend Sommer for a Bowen session, even if it’s just for a relaxing hour, it transforms you!

Nicole (42), Christchurch

Chronic Whiplash

I had a serious car crash in 2013, where I was on painkillers for 3 months and had to crack my back and neck constantly (around 20-30 times a day) in order to give me relief. I also have trouble switching off and find it difficult to just “sit and lie down” to relax. I didn’t think Bowen was going to be any good due to not being able to sit or lie down for more than 2 minutes, however much to my surprise, I actually fell asleep after 10 minutes into the Bowen session. I loved the feeling it gave me and I felt a tremendous amount of relaxation throughout my body when I woke up. I have also noticed that I don’t have to crack my back or neck much at all now and I have gone from having to crack it constantly to maybe once a week. If I have to crack it more than that, I know I need to have another Bowen session from Sommer.

Mark (38), Newmarket, Auckland

Effective Pain Relief

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the Bowen¬†Technique. After feeling sluggish for a while and having back pains, I thought I’d give it a try as I didn’t want to go back to the¬†chiropractor or take supplements. After the session, I felt like I was walking taller and was energised. I would highly recommend this gentle, yet effective technique of addressing back pains and fatigue. Sommer has a genuine interest in helping people feel better. She’s able to recognise symptoms and apply the gentle moves prescribed by¬†the Bowen Technique, while keeping you informed of what she’s doing and the reasoning behind it. The treatment doesn’t end at the session-¬†she gives great advice on maintaining a healthy diet and keeping the body aligned. She also has a very gentle and calming nature, which¬†helps you feel at ease.

Susanna (37), Remuera, Auckland

Stiff Neck

Thank you for the Bowen that you did on the chair in the office. It really helped to ease the pain in my neck. I couldn’t turn it at all when I came to you that morning, however it was substantially different after it and I was able to move it a lot more. My neck has been great thanks since our session.

Sue (48), Christchurch

Shoulder and Lower Back Pain

Sommer has a lovely ‘zen’ like nature about her and automatically makes you feel relaxed and cared for. After the first Bowen session, I felt the pain move from my left shoulder to my right. It was like the pain moved out of body. I felt such relief from it and couldn’t wait for my next Bowen session with Sommer. I went back to her after 2 weeks and Sommer worked on my lower back which felt a lot more free after the Bowen. I also went into a deep sleep during the Bowen and woke up feeling really refreshed. I will always want Bowen from Sommer as its a great way to relax and let the body heal in its own perfect way.

Lynn (48), UK

Tension in Back

The treatment was very pleasant and relaxing. I found myself sitting with a straight back after it and with less tensions in my back in general.

Natalie (40), France

Gentle and Calming Therapy

I found Bowen to be a gentle and calming therapy that made a difference to my sense of well-being almost immediately. A very welcome change to more aggressive treatments.

K.J (36), Christchurch

Lower Back and Neck Pain

I was suffering from lower back and neck pains for a good six weeks; my body felt unaligned and twisted. With the help of Bowen Therapy I could feel instantly my body adjusting and relaxing. After Bowen my body was a lot more at ease and within a short period of time I felt balanced while also free of pain.

Emile (31), Wellington

Sense of Spine Relief

I had very little knowledge about Bowen, but I was keen to give it a go. Sommer had given me books and articles to read before having the first session which prepared me and made me excited for my first Bowen. I don’t suffer from any major pains, however I did feel after my second Bowen from Sommer, I felt a sense of relief on my spine. I also experienced deep relaxation during the Bowen and actually fell asleep during one session. I highly recommend Sommer, she is very good at what she does and she is also so kind and friendly.

Courtenay (22), Christchurch

Rewarding and Relaxing

Sommer carried out Bowen therapy on me earlier this year. I found the sessions very rewarding and relaxing. They were expertly carried out in peaceful surroundings.

Rebecca (68), Remuera, Auckland

Gentle and passionate

As part of her training I went to Sommer twice. She was confident about the body therapy, she has a passion for what she is doing, is very gentle but sure about the process. I would fully recommend her to any person.

Steven (33), Christchurch