TIGHT JAW? You’ve probably got Tight HIPS TOO..
when someone closes their mouth slowly and the jaw zigzags from side to side, sometimes with an audible clunk. Instead of treating the jaw as a separate entity from the rest of the body like regular medicine does, we like to see its effects on the pelvis and vice versa and treat both the Jaw and Pelvis at the time because of the body’s compensation.

Dr. Walid from the Sydney Back Clinic states “An unbalanced pelvis will lead to dysfunction in the jaw. Lean to your left and see what your jaw does. Correcting a jaw problem without correcting the pelvis, will produce only temporary results at best. It is good to work locally, but pay attention to global effects as well!”

As a Bowen Therapist we address the whole body with our work, – if you’ve had a fall to your tail bone your jaw is the circuit breaker – sometimes you can feel the connect when you hit your tail bone other times you’ll just feel the effects later….