Everyone needs to take time out. Not always easy to do, but when you do, it can create space and can help clear the mind of what does matter and what doesn’t matter.

Traditionally, Spring is a time for cleaning, a time for new growth to show itself and a sense of renewal.

Embrace what makes you feel a  bit uncomfortable, emotional and if there’s any fear, embrace that too. You never know what may come from it when you face it head on. Not always an easy situation to be in, but we are faced with these challenges for a reason and when they come up, best not to hide from them but to see what they may have to offer you. You may learn a lesson or learn that you are stronger than you think, which is why you are faced with this situation that has arisen.

For me, it’s a time for reflection and going within to see what will arise and what I can learn from. Time for me, myself and I. To see what I have been hiding away from and embracing the challenges that may come up. Everything is an opportunity and when we can see through this and embrace it with warmth and a sense of inquisitiveness, then we can grow, just like that seed that is sprouting from the ground…

Peace and love to all.