I hope you are keeping well with the isolation and the bubble you have been in for the past 5 weeks. It’s certainly a surreal situation that we are in. The Earth has had a time to heal and cleanse. There’s beautiful stories of how clear the skies are in cities that are usually polluted, and rivers are clean and full of life. Nature has been able to relax in the absence of humans. It’s interesting to really see (not just know) how quickly Earth can heal from all the inflicted damage. I wonder what permanent changes we may continue as we move forward… or does the whole world really just go back to ‘normal’.

I expect we’ll be in level 2 by mid May (obviously that can change according to what the Government decides) and I will hopefully be able to offer Bowen Therapy and Aromatouch again.  As you may know, I do have quite a few regular clients, so before opening bookings to everyone, I will reinstate all the regular time slots first.

I have listed a few essential oils that may help support you in these times that we are in…

Lavender – Nurturing and calming. For when you feel neglected and alone. It brings calm composure.

Bergamot – To reduce anxiety, give encouragement when sad and release pent up emotions. It relaxes and uplifts

Cypress – For times of change and transition. It allows you to feel supported rather than disconnected. Brings a sense of renewal.

Clary sage – Great if feeling stuck or stagnant. It switches on the inner lights for creativity. Revitalises and inspires. Gives clarity.

Frankincense – Strengthening and reduces fear. It allows you to feel protected instead of vulnerable. Creates tranquility and spiritual liberation. Use if worried, fearful and overwhelmed.

Cedarwood – When feeling cautious and needing courage. It gives strength, endurance and certaintity. To ground you and build your tower of strength.

Orange – For joy, happiness, ease and adaptability. Takes away the seriousness and gives a sense of light heartedness.

Lemon – Brings clarity and refreshes the mind. Supports rational thinking and reduces emotional outbursts. It cleanses negative thoughts.

Patchouli – To be in the present. Helps disconnect from the past and future. Reduces the feeling of being fragmented. Grounding and stabilizing an overactive mind. It is calming, sensual and peaceful.

Peppermint – Clears the mind and lifts heavy thoughts. Removes sluggish feelings. Encourages focus, attention and purpose. It increases tolerance.

Ylang ylang – To remove irritability, frustration and anger.  It softens the attitude, brings flexibility of the mind. Sensual and  relaxing, it brings a sense of peace, love and tenderness.

If you are interested in any of these oils, I can offer you some to try or to purchase, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding them as I am more than happy to talk about them as they are one of my favourite go to items for emotional and physical support.

I would like to wish you all the very best during this time. Maybe you have some special people that you will be able to safely open your bubble up to as we enter level 3. Maybe it’s a little more time in isolation. Just stay strong and calm and keep grounded and not to give into the fear or anxiety that may consume us.

Remember to breath slowly and deeply, laugh at whatever you can, take a brief or long walk, find some routine or rhythm to your day, talk with others via Skype or phone and have a healthy diet. I have found that breathing in for 6 and exhaling for 8 helps to relax me a lot.. when I want to feel more energised, breathing in for 8 and exhaling for 6 works well.

Get some sunshine and read a book.. I know I have been doing some things that I have been wanting to do for a long time (one of them is making scones and Anzac biscuits – that I haven’t done since I was at high school!) so it has been great to achieve some minor goals that have actually meant a lot to me. Continuing to be grateful for the weather that we have been blessed with and living in such a beautiful country and having a house over our heads. I am very much looking forward to seeing you again in the near future and wishing you all the best ahead.

Peace and light, Sommer xo